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Heidelberg Lovestory® Truffles

The romantic love story of Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart has been re-created in the form of three delicious chocolate truffles, each with a different flavour.


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"An English - German Love story in Three truffles"


(green truffle - Waldmeister flavour)

Wisdom Weisheit

Wisdom is the perfect balance between woodruff and our special white chocolate,
which will give you a whole new taste sensation.
It is a creation which one has to experience to believe possible.


(heart truffle - cherry flavour)

Love Liebe

Love combines the symbiosis between cherry and premium white chocolate
which will make you dream of more.


(pink truffle - strawberry-rhubarb flavour)

Strawberry Erdbeere

Beauty is represented by a strawberry-rhubarb mixture and our premium white chocolate.
This is a complete new experience and you will enjoy the Beauty our craftsmen have created.

Story & Inspiration

The Heidelberg Lovestory® Truffles were inspired by the the romantic love story of
Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart
The magic words were called:



When James VI of Scotland succeeded Elizabeth I on the Throne of England (taking the title of James I), he became a Protestant monarch in what was still a largely Catholic Europe.
In his wisdom he decided to strengthen his claim to his new Kingdom
by forming a dynastic union with one of the Protestant powers in Germany, the Palatinate of the Rhine (Kurpfalz),
the seat of which was the famous university city of Heidelberg.



Fortunately the daughter of King James I, Princess Elizabeth, "The pearl of England", was renowned for her beauty and her sweet nature.
So this was the means by which the King managed to persuade the young Elector of the Palatinate, Count Frederick V, to enter into the dynastic marriage.

On 14 February 1613, at a magnificent ceremony in the palace of Whitehall in London, the wedding took place, before the couple started their long journey to the ancient Castle in Heidelberg,
where the inhabitants celebrated the arrival of their new Countess with the first firework display ever held in the city.



Frederick was so smitten with LOVE for his new wife that he prepared for her a wonderful surprise, which to this day can still be seen in the grounds of Heidelberg Castle. Overnight, as the couple slept, stonemasons worked silently to put together a magnificent baroque gateway in the garden outside their bedchamber. When the couple awoke the Elector led his LOVE into the garden, and she was astonished to see the marvellous arch where nothing had stood the evening before. At Frederick's suggestion Elizabeth approached the gateway and was invited to search for a gecko and other little animals hidden within the elaborate carving of foliage and she was promised a kiss for every animal she found!
To her delight she discovered that Frederick had sweetened her search by having the arch festooned with delicious truffles, created by his master chef in the kitchens of the Castle, each of which represented the wisdom, the beauty, and the love which were the foundations of their happy marriage.

[The tragic consequences of Frederick's decision to accept from the rebel Protestant nobles of Prague the Throne of Bohemia, a reign which lasted only the winter of 1619/1620, after which the couple were forever known as the Winter King and the Winter Queen, lay ahead. The years which they spent in Heidelberg before that unfortunate adventure, which were to be the happiest of their lives, are commemorated by the delicious truffles created to embody the sweet taste of wisdom, beauty and love]

400 Year Familytree

from Elizabeth & Friedrich to William & Kate



The Family Tree, which you will find in each package, as well as here on the website, shows you how the present English Royal Family, including Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, are directly descended from Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart.

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